The Woman’s Club of Norfolk at 524 Fairfax Ave, Norfolk, Virginia 23507 

There is so much to look forward to in 2018! We are so excited for a fun and productive year and thankful for our AMAZING members. You are the best!!! 

On March 8, 2018, "International Women's Day”, the Woman's Club of Norfolk hosted an evening at the NARO Cinema, "Yezidi Genocide: Stories of Strength and Survival" The award winning PBS Frontline documentary,  "Escaping ISIS” was shown and followed by a question and answer session with US AID Peace Officer, and former Ghent resident, Ross Wood, along with Dr. Amy L. Beam, author and Yezidi activist based in Kurdistan and Nawaf Ashur, former Yezidi interpreter for the U.S. military and his wife, Layla Saleh, both recently resettled in Washington, DC.  Proceeds were donated to Dr. Beam's efforts in Iraq and to Layla Saleh for her educational pursuits.   
On Aug. 3, 2014, the Islamic State invaded the Sinjar region in northern Iraq with the mission of exterminating the Yazidis, whose numbers are estimated to be between 400,000 and 500,000. Homes were leveled (and booby-trapped to prevent their occupants' future return), infrastructure was destroyed, animals and farms were plundered, and about 6,000 surviving women and children were kidnapped. Many kidnapped younger women were then trafficked into sexual slavery, sold in crude "slave markets, sold again among ISIS fighters, and then trafficked to other countries, including Syria and Turkey, as well as Iraq, where many are still held captive today. 

If you would like to follow the efforts of Dr. Amy Beam-

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WCN had a Community day of Service on February the 17th at the H.E.R. Shelter (a 24-hour emergency hotline where a trained advocate can assist individuals in need of information, referrals, or - when appropriate - can provide safe, emergency housing for a woman and her children.) The Woman's Club of Norfolk is proud to support of our National GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness. We raised $500 to benefit the H.E.R. Shelter at our 2017 holiday celebration and presented it to the shelter on our Community Day of Service. 



We are so proud for of Komen Race for the Cure ladies. You raised $1083.00 in 2017! Pretty impressive for the first time ever Woman's Club of Norfolk team.  We are privileged to know and honor our survivors!



The Woman's Club of Norfolk supports Women For Women International, a non- profit organization that provides women survivors of war the resources they need to transform their lives and the lives of their families by providing job training, business and life skills, access to opportunity and more. These newly acquired skills allow the women to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency. For more information and an opportunity to sponsor a sister in need, please visit http://www.


  Would you like to know more about the Woman's Club of Norfolk?

 The Woman's Club of Norfolk, Inc. GFWC, established 1905

is a philanthropic organization, it is a non profit 501c4 with proceeds supporting various charities that support women.  We are apolitical, and seek causes and common interests that bring us together while benefitting women of all ages.

We are proud to belong to our over 100,000 member strong General Federation of Women's Clubs, united in dedication to create change in our communities working locally, nationally, and internationally and are active in our Virginia GFWC Tidewater District.  We were one of the first clubs to join the Virginia federation of Woman's clubs in 1907. 

Our core programming supports women of all ages, locally and internationally.  Additionally we support our GFWC Virginia State project, and the GFWC National platform.



We are always looking for special women that desire to join a positive, fun and productive group that supports each other, strives to make a positive difference, and asks how their passion and knowledge may benefit the club, charity and each other.  We have members in their 20's to their 80's, each bringing their special life experiences to enrich us. We would love to get to know you!

We welcome your interest in membership, please call 625-9318 or submit an inquiry form on our contact us page on this website, for more information. 


                                                                                          OUR HISTORY

The Woman's Club of Norfolk was founded in November, 1905, by Miss Virginia Gatewood.  Miss Gatewood sent out 500 invitations and 200 women responded.  In December of that year, the club was incorporated and in 1925 they purchased the Martin Mansion as their home.  The Woman's Club sponsored a speaker series that included Ruth Rhode, Minister to Denmark, President Herbert Hoover and many Governors and Authors.  This lecture series was the precursor of the Norfolk Forum.  The club hosted activities for the 1907 Jamestown Exposition, sponsored a legal aid clinic, pushed for prison reform, marched for women's suffrage and sponsored the Crepe Myrtle Festival, a forerunner of the Azalea festival, now known as the Nato Festival.  They also conducted classes three days a week beginning in 1927 for what was the beginning of the Norfolk branch of William and Mary that later became Old Dominion University.

Over one hundred and twelve years later, the Martin Mansion is still home to the Woman's Club of Norfolk.